Capital Financing Structures

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Capital Financing Structures - Equity Financing - Stock Loans

Rockland Commercial offers a wide variety of opportunities for structuring real estate capital/equity financing, including Joint Venture, Limited Partner, Mezzanine Financing, Junior Debt, Participating Mortgage, and more.

We use Capital Financing Structures to cover the difference between the available debt financing and the actual cost to build, buy, renovate, and develop real estate properties.

Using a combination of institutional and private capital sources for real estate developments, Rockland Commercial helps our clients to utilize the optimal capital structuring for their needs, on many types of properties, including:

  • Apartment Projects
  • Commercial Developments
  • Condo Conversions
  • Credit Tenant & Single Tenant Properties
  • Industrial Parks
  • Office Buildings
  • Residential & Commercial Land Developments
  • Residential Housing Developments
  • Retail Properties
  • Valued Added Commercial Properties

Stock Loan Programs – Loans Against Stock

Stock Loan: A hedged portfolio, limited and non-recourse, loan agasint free trading stock.

Our Stock Lending partner is a private specialized loan brokerage recognized in the securities industry for personalized customer service and innovative, secure loan structures. Our partners has almost a decade of specialized experience in this niche securities finance industry focused solely on professional stock-backed loan services.

Stock Loan Guidelines:

  • Borrow up to 90% of your stocks current market value
  • Defer interest payments for up to 7-years
  • Rates from 3-9% depending on lending scenario
  • No Margin Calls
  • Freely Trading Stock with upside


Loan Programs

Option 1 – Is this the best option for you up to 90% LTV?

Option 2 – Is this the best option for you up to 90% LTV and deferring payments for 7-years?

Option 3 – Is this the best option for you with non-recourse and 90% LTV?

Option 4 – Is this the best option for you with deferred interest and high leverage?

Fill out our simple contact form and a Stock Lending specialist will call to assist you.

These stock loans can be used to solve many different types of financial problems, objectives, and challenges:

Individuals looking for business expansion capital, or funds to restructure debt, can choose a loan with deferred interest and up to 90% of the portfolio’s value in cash, while still retaining beneficial ownership of their stocks.

These loans can also be used to diversify investments into, for example, real estate.

Stock owners faced with margin calls can rescue the margined position, get cash, and still retain beneficial ownership of their shares.

The loans can be used in a replacement structure for PIPE financing by public companies. It can be used to buy Employee Stock Options to exercise the options with no out of pocket expense. Many other applications are possible.

Available features include dividends pass-through, prepayment rights, full-upside to borrower, accrued or quarterly-only interest, non-callable against price drops, and nonrecourse default.

These loans may be used for any legal purpose other than the purchase of other marginable stocks.


We provide quality, personalized service, because we know you, your apartment or commercial property, your loan documents, and your lender.